January 2016 News Update from Glasgow Wedding DJ Graham

16/1/16 – Super 50th Birthday Party for Lesley at Barr and Stroud Club! The snow hadn’t cleared but that didn’t put off Lesleysclose family and friends from coming out and going wild. It was one of those great nights where the dance floor was packed by half 8 at night. Songs ran from Lesleys favourite 80’s tunes to Nicki Minaj and Calvin to Cotton Eye Joe and of course lots of Old School Take That for massive fan Lesley. The night ended with one of the biggest send offs I’ve seen in a long time and rightly so. Happy Birthday Lesley. Absolutely fab at 50!

16/1/16 (Afternoon) – Fun filled joint birthday party in Killermont Church Hall. The snow wasn’t going to put these party animals off today. Speaking of animals, The Animal Man was there with lots of creepy crawlies, snakes and a few wee cuties too which the kids loved. After a short break for a snack we were straight into the games and some hilarious dancing. Today was a joint birthday between 3 best friends Amelia, Eloise and Mae and instead of receiving gifts they wanted friends to make donations to charity where was amazing for a bunch of 7 year old to choose to do. We packed so much fun into the 1 hour party I can’t wait till your 8th Birthday. Happy Birthday girls.

15/1/16 – Amazing surprise 60th Disco for Janette at Giffnock North.It is harder these days to keep a surprise party just that with social media etc. but Janettes family managed the almost impossible and she was non the wiser. Entering the room to her favourite song 3 Little Birds by Bob Marley you could see she was genuinely taken aback. Party classics and floor fillers flowed from then on out for a fantastic evening. Happy Birthday Janette and all the best!

9/1/16 – Very Happy 11th Birthday to young Millie at Cambuslang Institute!Great night with Millie and her friends at the Cambuslang Institute. These party animals danced, bounced and boogied from the first beat. Lots of glowsticks and inflatable props made for some great pic and video footage. Happy Birthday Millie, hope you had a great time.

3/1/16 – Happy New Year!Had a few well needed weeks off from the land of DJs and had a great time having much needed time with family and friends over the festive season. I hope everyone had a great time too. 2015 was my most successful year to date and I have some big plans for this coming year. Keep checking back to find out as they unfold. Wishing everyone out there all the best for the year to come too!

20/12/15 – Lovely intimate Wedding at Oran Mor.My last Wedding (and event for that matter) of the year. Having performed to thousands of people it was nice to finish on a small intimate note with close family and friends in a beautiful and comfy setting of Oran Mors dining room. This is one of the smallest rooms I have ever played and it lent itself to a relaxed atmosphere where much of the evening was spent with sing alongs around the big communal table before things kicked up a gear later on with dance pop smash its to get everyone up on their feet. Congratulations Diane and James and all the best for the New Year as husband and wife.

19/12/15 – Massive celebration tonight all rolled into one party.Mums 50th, Daughters 18th and the family is emigrating to America in a few weeks so it was a big emotional event for all kinds of reasons. Tonight we were in a Yurt (I prefer to call them Igloos at this time of year) and we partied into the wee small hours. Tons of ceilidh and then as you would expect from a joint birthday lots of great song requests for the younger and older generation. Lot’s a top tunes to keep everyone happy and of course a few Christmas numbers (well Tis’ The Season) Happy Birthday Rebecca and all the best to you guys on our new exciting chapter.

18/12/15 – Another Christmas Party Night at The Lauriston Farm in Edinburgh.My final party night of the year and I was geared right up for this one/ It was a late starter kicking off at half 9 so everyone was raring to go as soon as I started the tunes. Great mix of friends, work colleagues and families were out celebrating to night with great food, great music and great company. Santa once again made an appearance he seems to get about almost as much as me!). Brilliant end to party season for me. Always kind of sad at this point because they are so much fun.

17/12/15 – Christmas Party night with the staff at Mint and Lime.Back at the Mint and Lime tonight which is always a great night, but this time it was to allow the staff to let their hair down for their Christmas party night and they totally deserve it. They work hard all year round so everyone else can have a fun weekend. The night was filled with games, present sharing and the big man Santa even made an appearance. See you guys again soon.

16/12/15 – Divali Festival of Light event at Mount Florida Primary.Tonight I had installed special UV lights into the marquee for the schools annual Festival of Light parade. This looks magical as the kids had their own hand made neon decorations which lit up the night when exposed to the UV lights. The kids and staff put in so much effort and it really paid off, the end result was a stunning display.

15/12/15 – Fantastic Wedding Disco at The Lodge On Loch Lomond.It seemed like disaster had struck last week when the original venue was flooded due to the Hurricane but Janice managed to pull out all the stops and rearrange everything last minute for the lovely Lodge On Loch Lomond which is just down the road.

11/12/15 – Brilliant Party night disco at Grangemouth Town Hall.Tonight I was playing alongside epic covers band LT. Stardust for this annual Charity Fundraising event. Despite the weather people came out in their droves to have a great night and a great night they did have. Old school dance floor fillers, cheese and rock played all night and the punters loved it with the dance floor constantly being full! A huge amount of money was raised too which is the icing on the cake. Can’t wait until next year!

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