31/10/15 – Congratulations to Lianne and Alan Bulloch, back at Norton House!

Felt like Deja Vu tonight being back at Norton House where I was at the start of the month. It is fast becoming one of my favourite venues to play as I always have a  great night there and I am glad I am back there a few times next year. This time we celebrated the marriage of Lianne and Alan with an upbeat night full of chart hits and classic dance floor fillers. Being halloween some guests took it upon themselves to dress up at one point during the evening which just adds those extra special little memories that last for a long time. All the best guys and thank you for letting me entertain you and your guests.

31/10/15 (Afternoon) – Who Cares Scotland funday with George Bowie!

It was an absolute pleasure to be invited to entertain 250 kids from across Scotland for the Who Cards Scotland funday in Glasgow. The team put on an amazing event for some of our countries most disadvantaged teens and young people, and to top it all off The Bowie Boy himself popped into blast through an hour set of GBX anthems. He absolutely smashed it and the kids had a ball. Huge respect to all the workers who put so much time and effort in and to George for coming along and making it such a special day for the kids!

30/10/15 – Well done to Debbie and Robert Stewart on their Wedding at Marlins Wynd.

This setlist was right up my street. The first dance was performed by a jazz band but then we went straight into ‘Sometimes’ by James which had the entire room clapping their hands and singing along. Lots of great requests and a very broad range of music tastes from guests. Managed to please everyone and at any point of the night you could hear standards such as Taylor Swift and Billy Ocean to Madness and Shed 7! Great night with lots of little gems dropped in.

29/10/15 – Spooky goings on at Rutherglen and Coulter School.

Love this time of year when I can dust off the old Halloween music files and have some fun with the kids. This year the wee ones really out done themselves with the costumers (I was a monkey if you were wondering) Fun and games and all the usual hilarity. So glad to be back in Rutherglen for a disco as it had been far too long and it was lovely to do a disco at the new Coulter Primary school.

24/10/15 – Congratulations to Behrnice and Neil on their Wedding at Forbes Of Kingennie.

Dundee tonight, which is nice because I am not in Dundee all that often. Tonights Wedding was at the amazing Forbes Of Kingennie which I had never been to before and I must say I am a real hurry to return! The night was filled with fun and laughter with really special requests such as ‘Hooked On A feeling’ from Guardians Of The Galaxy and even a Cha Cha Slide dance off between Bride and Groom! Congrats guys and thank you for having me for a great night.

10/10/15 – Congrats to Mr and Mrs McGillivray on their Wedding disco at Norton House Hotel

We were well and truly on Wedding time tonight (where everything was running a wee bit behind schedule) but that didn’t matter one bit because as soon as the tunes began the place erupted into an epic party! First dance was the classic ‘Then I Kissed Her’ by The Beach Boys, into the not so traditional ‘I Was Made For Loving You’ by KISS! Brilliant unique touches added by Graeme and Lindsey to give their own stamp on the evening. Then it was floor fillers all night to keep the mixed crowd of younger and older guests happy. Ceilidh went down well and it was just a pity we didn’t have enough time to squeeze more in. Things ramped up towards the end with a massive sing a long to The Proclaimers ‘Life With You’ and then ending on the classic Runrig. Fantastic night and it was nice to return to Norton House again. I’m back there at the end of the month and already can not wait for that. Guys enjoy Hawaii and all the best for your future life together.

10/10/15 – Another successful Rusk kids disco at Rutherglen Town Hall

It was great to be back for yet another Rusk disco at Rutherglen Town Hall. The events are going from strength to strength thanks to the staff and their hard work. Today was a super hero and princess theme so they were out in force. We had Elsa’s, Belle’s, Batmen and Spidermen galore. We literally couldn’t have squeezed anymore fun in to the 2 hours with lots of games, dancing and prizes. The kids were on top form as always and the adults joining in really helps the atmosphere. I can not wait until the next one!

3/10/15 – Happy 50th birthday to Sharon at Bridgeton Community Centre

Sharon could literally have DJ’d at her own party tonight. When I met her she said ‘Just play stuff that gets people on the floor dancing’ and listed me about a dozen songs which do just that. So we had a slosh, an Alley cat, a little boogie woogie and even a slow one for her and hubby Vince with Elvis’ ‘If I Can Dream’. The night just went from strength to strength and Sharon was always in the thick of it. Happy Birthday, I had a blast so you better have me back for your 60th in 10 years time!

2/10/15 – Theresas Surprise 60th birthday party at the Newliston Arms

I have passed The Newliston Arms on many occasions en route to do a Wedding Disco at Dundas Castle and always thought it looked like a nice wee pub. Tonight I had the fortune of finally getting to visit as Theresas family surprised her with a packed birthday party. Given the song requests son Raymond had sent in from his mums favourite bands and singers, I knew she was a cool birthday gal (R.E.M., Mumford and Sons) and it isn’t a family party if Auntie Liz doesn’t get to hear a bit of Daniel O’Donnell (the first and quite likely last time I will ever play him at a gig!).It was a great night with classic floor fillers, line dances and sing along and I was even requested to play for an extra half hour. What a great way to top off the big Six Oh for Theresa. Happy Birthday. I hope you and your family had a great time.

27/9/15 – Congratulations to young Ella at her Christening.

I was in the other side of Glasgow today at The Albion Sports Centre in Clydebank for young Ellas Christening. Ella’s parents had seen me at a kids party before so they knew I wasn’t going to just stand and press buttons all day :). I had the kids whipped up for hours doing dances and playing games including traffic lights which uses my computer controlled lighting system and they absolutely love it! Ton’s of prizes were given out, loads of sweeties and the lady of the moment Ella just took it all in her stride. Congratulations and well done to all the kids for getting involved.