March 2016 update from 5 Star Discos

1/4/16 – Congratulations to Michelle and Gary McLachlan on their Wedding at Glazert Country House. – I love Glazert Country House. It was one of my most frequented venues last year and I have an amazing time whenever I am there. Last night was no exception. The dance floor was packed (infact the entire room was packed) from the second the first dance ended and didn’t let up until the final bar of Loch Lomond. Floor fillers and sing a longs galore plus a good old school dance set in the middle. Congratulations you two and all the best in married life together.

1/4/16 (Afternoon) – Happy 10th Birthday to Olivia at Arthurlie House.Arthurlie is a great wee venue tucked away in the park. This afternoon was a full on glow in the dark rave. Olivia and her friends were ou in force with their UV paint and glowsticks which looked fantastic. I played lots of high energy music and dance songs, the youngsters went mental and we had a great time. Happy Birthday Olivia and enjoy your Easter holidays.

1/4/16 – Happy 40th Birthday to Lianne Reid at Liberton Golf Club in Edinburgh. Spending a good few nights across the East Coast lately and I have loved every second of it. Tonight I was at Liberton Golf Club to help Lianne celebrate her 40th Birthday with a disco. To be honest she could actually quite easily have done it herself with the cracking playlist she gave me which had everything from modern chart hits to some old classic floors fillers, all designed to keep her friends and family happy. The moodlights were out on display and predictably transformed the entire room. Happy Birthday Lianne!

26/3/16 – Congratulations to Gem and Paul Barrett on their big day at Barony Castle.The Scottish Winter had one last hissy fit before the clocks changed and the rain was on all day long but we weren’t going to let it spoil the celebrations. Lot’s of family had came over from Ireland and these guys know exactly how to party. Tonights set from the happy couple had a lot of indie and rock classics which gave the evening their own unique stamp. An amazing big ending which featured ‘The Pretender’ by Foo Fighters and of course the neccesary Loch Lomond ending. Congratulations guys and enjoy Matla!

19/3/16 – Congratulations to Kevin and Marieta McQuade on their special day at Houston House Hotel.Guests had traveled from just about every corner of the globe for tonights Wedding so it was an international affair, but with a good splash of Scottish character stamped on it. The night kicked off with the amazing Stravaig Ceilidh band (check them out) and was then followed by a short but sweet DJ set from my good self. Kevin had supplied an eclectic list of songs from 80’s, 90’s and modern chart smashes to keep the crowd going into the wee hours. The evening culminated in an emotional rendition of Auld Lang Syne followed by Loch Lomond to send our couple off on their merry way. Congratulations guys and enjoy your honeymoon in Spain.

12/3/16 – Congratulations to Lee and David Campbell in the lovely St Andrews In The Square.I love coming back here as it is where 2 of my closest friends got married, Julie is an amazing events organiser and the place is just drop dead gorgeous to boot. Tonight started off with the amazing Boyce Avenue cover of Chris Browns ‘Forever’ and from then on out it was classic party tracks for the first half. After the buffet by special request we had a GBX set for David which went down a storm and for Lee a hip hop section. You wouldn’t get away with playing ‘Get Low’ by Lil’ Jon at many Weddings but tonight it was perfect. The big send off at the very end of Loch Lomond tripped the sound limiter but that was all good. Fantastic night guys, thank you for letting play a part in it!

11/3/16 – Happy 12th Birthday to Rebecca at Whitehills in Hamilton.Alot of local gigs for me this week for a nice change. This evening Rebecca and her pals boogied down to the latest chart hits and dance smashes. Of course Justin Beiber got a play, Of course they loved it and of course I had a great time. Happy Birthday Rebecca.

10/3/16 – Happy 50th Birthday Party to Colin Peat at Mar Hall.An intimate dinner for 30 close friends and family followed by a classic packed disco was Colins idea of a perfect birthday. The burgundy suite in Mar Hall looked stunning as always and the guests enjoyed a slap up meal before I spun the discs for the remainder of the evening. FLoor fillers such as Cha Cha Slide and Grease Megamix kept everyone happy till the end. Happy Birthday Colin!

9/3/16 – Great night back at Hillhead Primary for their Easter Disco.I have very fond memories of the disco from last year and tonight was brilliant again. The kids here are always a credit to the school and game to just get involved. Lots of requests (too many to play!) made for an epic night of dancing and singing along from the primary 5 and 6’s. Can’t wait to do it all again next time guys!

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