26/9/15 – Happy Birthday to Nieve in Hamilton

It was a crazy weekend considering I had intended to have a quiet one after moving house and taking on just 2 kids parties. First up was young Nieves which was a Minion-tastic affair. Blue and Yellow washed the room and one of the minions even took time off plotting world domination to make an appearance with the cake and to join in a Cha Cha Slide and a Gangnam. The kids were on great form and it was a brilliant start to my ‘quiet’ weekend.

20/9/15 – Happy Birthday to Ellie in Kings Park.

After spending the last 3 weekends on the east coast it was nice to be back to local territory to help Ellie and her friends celebrate her 8th Birthday. Lot’s of fun and games as you would expect and Ellie even had a spin on the decks and helped me to kick off the party. To top it all off  she won the best dancer competition at the very end!!! Happy Birthday Ellie, Glad you enjoyed yourself.

19/9/15 – Brilliant night delving back into the 80’s with Lorna and David Johnston at The Stair arms near Dalkeith.

I met Lorna and David (now known as Mr and Mrs Johnston) at Crispy Creme a few weeks ago to discuss their plans for the night. As soon as I heard first dance was to be Star ships ‘Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now’ and there was to be a heavy dose of 80’s nostalgia throughout the evening I knew I was in for a treat. I was born in 1984 so I kind of missed all the music first time round, but I am a self confessed 80’s fanatic! Bon Jovi is my favourite band (in fact they are first band that got me into music…I have seen them over 20 times live!) and some of my other favourites are The Boss (look at my web design logo at the bottom of the page) so anytime I get a chance to play a big 80’s set I am over the moon. The night finished with a power hour of 80’s sing along classics before our bride and groom were hoisted on their friends shoulders at Loch Lomond. Great finish to a great day. Congratulation guys and thank you for letting me entertain you and your guests.

12/9/15 – Celebrating Victoria and Seans Wedding at Carberry Towers near Musselburgh.

I hadn’t been to Carberry Towers for a number of years which is a real pity as it is a stunning venue with top notch staff to boot. Not many other venues have a green room which contains a grand piano and a miniature canon! First dance for Mr and Mrs Harper was an absolute classic, Marvin Gayes ‘Let’s Get It On’ which I thought was a great touch from a young couple…

5/9/15 – Great Wedding disco in Fife

I was so happy to be a part of Lynne and Chris’ Wedding celebrations as they are such a lovely couple who seem so happy together. The guys had submitted a short list to me which comprised mainly chart music to get the crowd going and after that it was classics to keep the older guests happy. A good amount of ceilidh thrown in for good measure (well we are in Fife!!! 🙂   ) Shut Up And Dance was an instant crowd pleaser and has quickly become one of the most popularly requested songs of the year, which is quite right as it as absolute top notch tune. Then Shout by Otis Day and the Knights had everyone going mad before the big finish of Loch Lomond giving Lynne and Chris a great send off by all their friends and family. It was an absolute pleasure to play for you guys and your family, have a great time in Sunny Beach on your honeymoon!

2/9/15 – Brilliant night at the National Nursery Awards at Glasgow Hilton.

So much for a quiet Wednesday night awards ceremony! This room (of mainly ladies given the nature of the awards) were up for a great time and it was a brilliant set from the first song. It was a shame the performance was so short as I could have went on for hours. From the moment we started with Shut Up And Dance (tune of the year) to the big finale it was a hoot. Thank you ladies for giving me such an enjoyable gig. Can’t wait to do it all again next year!

29/8/15 – Wedding disco at Mary Cutler House near Aberdeen

I know when I am heading north on the A90 I am in for a good night and these guys didn’t disappoint. Superhero themed Wedding says it all so I knew Fraser and Donna were game for a laugh, plus they have excellent taste in music given the playlist they sent me before hand. Just for kicks we introduced them in with the old Adam West Batman theme tune before first dance ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye, then second dance ‘I Loved Her First’ had the floor packed with guests. From there on out it was a mash of genres from pop, discos, to indie and even some country. Something there to keep everyone happy. Congratulations guys and thank you for letting me play a small part in your fantastic Wedding day.

28/8/15 – Ruby Wedding Disco of Pauline and Angus in Glasgow

What a cause for celebration when you hit such a momentous milestone as 40 years of marriage, plus Angus was celebrating his 60th birthday too! Great night with floor fillers plus some old sentimental numbers thrown in for good measure. Star of the show young Abby even took to the mic to sing one of her favourite songs ‘I’m On My Way’ by The Proclaimers. I don’t usually allow karaoke but for a young lady with so much talent I could not say no. It’s great to play to a crowd who appreciate music from throughout the ages. Congratulations Pauline and Angus and enjoy Tenerife when you go!

25/8/15 – Wedding disco at Gleneagles Hotel

There is only 2 top venues in Scotland which I have yet to play, Gleneagles and Edinburgh Castle. Well I have now ticked Gleneagles off that list so one more to go! Lot’s of family from as far a field as Africa came to help Ulrika and Manfred celebrate so it was a Afrobeat-tastic night which had the dancefloor packed. It was a great night which culminated in a chorus of Auld Lang Syne which the foreign guests loved. I hope it created some amazing memories for the Bride and Groom plus their guests who may only attend one Scottish Wedding in their life. Congratulations guys, thank you very much for booking me for your Wedding and allowing me to play a small part in your special day.

23/8/15 – Happy Birthday to young Sarah at Fratellis

Local gig for me today. There is only about 3 venues which are closer to my house and this one is a great local choice. It was scorching outside (and in) but that didn’t stop Sarah and her friends from having fun celebrating her 6th birthday. It was an all singing, all dancing affair with plenty of fun games to keep the kids amused. A fabulous princess castle cake topped it all off. Happy Birthday Sarah, I’m glad you had a great time.