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How long do you take to set up? How much space / sockets do you need?                                                               
Between 35/40 minutes once I have access to the performance area. I can fit into just about any space and require 3 safe sockets.

How long is your standard set, can you play longer / later?
Standard evening performance is 19:30 to Midnight. I can perform longer, start earlier / later and even be booked for half and full day events.

How much do you cost to hire?
There is no set price because every wedding and event has so many variables such as the size of PA system I must provide, how far I need to
travel, how long I am required to perform, and the scale of lighting set up. The best way to find out is to submit an enquiry. What I can say is I offer
exceptional value for a professional, fully legal DJ service. 100% of my DJ Mark customer reviews state 'I offered good value for money and they would
recommend me to a friend'. I am so confident in my ability that I offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service I provide.

How far will you travel?
I regularly entertain all over Scotland and sometimes further afield. Distance is not an issue.

What will you wear?
I will wear whatever is appropriate for your event. My standard is a smart shirt, tie, waist coat and smart shoes. I can wear a dinner suit or kilt outfit as
a special request. I will only ever perform in casual dress if requested by yourself. And yes, I can perform in fancy dress if required!

How far in advance should we book?
There is no hard and fast rule but busy periods tend to get booked fast, sometimes years in advance. What I recommend is that if you are happy with
me providing your entertainment, make the booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. There is only one of me so once I'm booked, I'm

Can you call Ceilidh dances?
YES! Calling the Ceilidh dances is one of my highlights of any event. I have a Headset Mic system which allows me to come into the crowd and actually
participate whilst demonstrating the most popular dances such as 'Gay Gordons', 'Strip The Willow' and 'Dashing White Saergent' in a fun and
engaging way that encourages everyone to get involved whether they are an expert or a complete novice.

You are already booked for my date. Can I pay more to secure your services?
Unfortunately no. I operate on a first come first served basis to keep things fair and give my clients peace of mind.

Do you take requests? Would it be possible for one of my guests to sing a song?
Of course I am more than happy to take requests. I can work with you before hand to help create the perfect ambiance for your event. A guest can
sing a song if you give me enough notice prior to the event. I will not allow people to sing at any event unless it has been pre-arranged. I will never
allow anyone under the influence of alcohol access to my equipment. I have even had guests perform with guitars through my system.

Can I come and see you at a function or bar?
As a professional function DJ I very rarely perform in bars or pubs, usually only at private functions such as weddings, parties and corporate events.
It is usually not possible for the general public to come to these events. I have great up to date testimonials from lots of clients who are happy to verify
my ability and quality. I can ask a client if you can pop your head in for afew minutes, but this is entirely at their discretion.

Have you ever entertained anyone famous?
Yes! A few TV / Sports personalities, Politicians (including a Chancellor BOO!) and the worlds best known childrens author, (She who must not be
named) ; D and I have DJ'd at events with Scotlands most famous Radio DJ/Host George Bowie.

Do I need to provide anything for you? Can I buy you a drink?
As much as I appreciate the gesture of being offered a drink, I must politely refuse as I am a professional DJ operating a high end service, putting on
a professional performance. I DO NOT drink before, during or after a performance. There is no need to supply me with food or drink.

Do you have insurance? Pat Testing? Pro Dub Licence? Do you use legal music and software?
Yes I have extensive Public Liability Insurance up to £10,000,000 and all my equipment has passed up to date yearly Portable Appliance Testing.
Many venues require this for any supplier to work within the premises. Even if you don't book me check your DJ has these in place to ensure they are
legal and won't let you down by not being allowed into the venue. I don't require a Pro Dub Licence as my music is purchased legally on line and not
transferred from disc. My software is also legally purchased.

Do you have any problems with volume? How loud are you? Will you play in a venue with a sound limiter?
I have no problem with volume whatsoever. I have a modern sound system which gives great clarity and fullness at the lowest volumes. I aim to play
music at a volume loud enough to dance to, but not blaring so other guests can have a conversation without shouting. I am happy to perform in
venues with sound limiters. If you ever feel it is too loud, just ask and I will happily turn the volume down.

Will I need to pay a deposit?
Yes, £100 to secure my services with the remaining balance due 14 or 28 days before the event. If your event takes place within this time frame the
balance is due at the time of booking. Payment can be made by BACS (via online banking or at any branch) or alternatively by Credit/Debit Card,
Paypal or Cheque. Half day and full day events require slightly larger deposit

Do you provide a contract and receipts?
Yes a contract is issued for all bookings. Receipts are issued for deposit and balance payments.

Can you provide different types of lighting?
Yes, I can provide anything from a full on Ibiza rave to simple mood-lighting depending on your requirements.

Have you worked at my venue before?
I have played at so many venues over the years that the chances are yes! You can view a list of the venues I play most often on the venues page.
If you  still have a question... Please don't hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy to answer any questions.
FAQ - My most common frequently asked questions.
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